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Financing your Project

We are so excited to take on this new project with you! Building or remodeling your swimming pool can be quite intimidating at first but, rest assured, your new pool will increase your home value and provide a whole new outlook for your backyard. Because we are ready to do what it takes on our part to help you see this project through, Deep Blue Pool & Spa, INC. has financing partners to make this process more efficient for you and your family.

Pool and spa design and build finance

Construction Process

Before the project starts a site meeting will take place. We will review the proposed specifications to ensure no modifications to the design are required.


1. Engineer and Permits

The proposed design will be developed into a professional plan and submitted for permit approval.

This process usually takes 7 weeks depending on which city the plans are reviewed.


2. Pool Digging

Initial phase of the construction process. The hole that is dug will be slightly larger and deeper than the final pool dimensions.

3. Form and Steel

This is the structure of the pool, here it takes shape.

4. City Inspections

After each major change an inspection will be required, it could be up to 25 days dedicated to inspections during the entire process.

5. Concrete Pouring

Application of the concrete to build up walls, floor, benches, steps, and any other features that may be included in the pool design.

6. Backfill

Now comes the backfilling around the pool walls. Depending on the city/county it may require additional survey for final elevation.

7. Plumbing Installation

Here all the trenches and plumbing from the pool up to the equipment slab are built. Expect another inspection in this phase.

8. Coping and Tile Installation

Pool coping and waterline line tile are installed.

9. Equipment Set up and Electric

It's time to install the pool equipment and all the electric work that is necessary from the main panel to the equipment location.

10. Patio Grade

Prior to deck installation, the area around your pool will be leveled and prepared for the patio.

11. Deck Installation

In this phase we will install your chosen patio material if it is part of your pool design.

12. Homeowner Responsibilities

The Homeowner is responsible for the following unless otherwise specified in the contract: Sod, Landscape, Fencing/Pool Cage, sprinkler systems, and alarms.

Please note: these items must be installed before final inspections. All fences/Pool Cages must meet Florida building code.


13. Pool Plaster and Fill

In this stage, we will clean up and prepare the concrete surface of your swimming pool, and then apply your pool finish and fill the pool with water – please note: homeowner is responsible to shut water off only when it reaches the middle of the waterline tile to avoid any marks or stains in the new finish.

14. Start Up

Once the pool is filled to the right level we will start the equipment and begin the process to balance the chemicals in your pool.

15. Final Inspections and Orientation

Now is time for the final inspections. We will also instruct the homeowner on how to

operate the pool equipment.

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